About Us

Our story

This is how Stermart was born

The story of STERMART is one that began with the desire to propel African-owned products to the forefront of households in the U.S. As a result of the difficulty to access cultural products when abroad, STERMART was founded to both grant consumers easy acquisition of valuable, unique products and to mitigate vendors’ hassle when selling. With STERMART, vendors can focus solely on their products, leaving the rest—such as brand elevation, marketing, and selling—to us! 
Today, as the leading marketplace for SMEs, we are proud to support a wide variety of vendors from the African diaspora and beyond. With a deep passion to satisfy both consumers and sellers, we’ve been able to make our dream a tangible reality.

What we do

Bringing africa’s heart to you...

We pride ourselves on having everything you need.  At the cornerstone of our strategy are “From Africa’s Heart to Your Home“, meaning Stermart communicates the idea of genuine, heartfelt, and globally accessible African products that bring a piece of Africa’s culture and traditions to our customer’s own living space. We make it our top priority to ensure that quality products can be sold easily and bought on the go from the most reputable brands. 
Some of the services we provide for sellers include:

  • Providing their quality products a secure home on our user-friendly website 
  • Marketing and brand elevation services on our social platforms, ensuring that they can reach a wider pool of consumers 
  • Low commission rates with a promise of quick payments on all sales
  • A partnership built on 100% transparency and communication

To our consumers, we guarantee: 

  • A high-standard range of products—everything from cookware and cultural foods, to jewelry and artworks (and even more!)
  • Impeccable customer service always ready to answer any questions or concerns 
  • Reliable delivery on all ordered items
  • A constantly updated roster of products from around the world at unbeatable prices

To gain more insight into our various payment plans, we encourage you to navigate to our Plan tab and look at the listed rates. For more questions, feel free to contact us at 
info@stermart.com or call us +1 916-305-9048.

Our mission

Our Mission is simple—to become the leading global marketplace and a one-stop-shop for consumers to access the best brands. At the forefront of our mission, we aim to help small and medium-sized businesses to efficiently grow while offering buyers the best shopping deals

What we do

Ultimately, at STERMART, our vision is to curate a business that is focused on both vendors and customers. In the near future, we envision ourselves as a marketplace that is reliable and trusted, a shopping destination for buyers and sellers to connect without friction, leading to life-changing selling and shopping experiences.

Meet our founder


Esther Abieyuwa

Abieyuma resides in California with her children and husband. She’s an analyst, who has always been deeply passionate about helping small and medium businesses grow within the digital space. 

Stermart came to life after a long time as she has always had a dream and desire to bring Lagos’ Balogun Market to online where people from across the world can access those valuable goods. Being aware that a lot of sellers travel from
different parts of Nigeria to Lagos to buy products to sell, and conscious of the stress of this process, Abieyuwa believed that there could be a way for business owners to easily purchase their products 

After relocating to the US, she realized that there are lots of sellers in the States that are registered business owners, yet do not have the resources to sell online. Other online retailers are too large and saturated, making it difficult for sellers to break even in the market with such tough competition. Therefore, Stermart was Esther’s solution to this problem

Originally, Stermart was created in the hopes of selling only food products in the United States, but due to requests, other products have been added to the catalog, expanding Stermart to include a variety of other goods

Abieyuwa aims to create brand recognition for small and medium-sized business owners, increase sales while limiting the hassle of sellers, and ultimately satisfy customers with the amazing and unique products found at Stermart. 

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