STERMART, The Ultimate Food Marketplace is here to make sure your business is efficient, profitable and easier to manage than ever before.

**Make Money on STERMART**

Are You A Wholesaler (B2B) or Retailer (B2C)

Do you own a grocery store; spices, herbs, and seasonings business; international food store; sauces and condiments business; packaged food business; kitchenware business and more...?

You're at the right place!!

STERMART is the ideal marketplace for SMEs

Grow your business and reach even more customers online with a competitive advantage while enjoying low commission rates and quick payments on sales.

Get blown away with STERMART's user-friendly hassle-free dashboard

Keep track of your sales and
inventory like a pro.

**Make Money on STERMART**

Benefits of STERMART!

An online platform

with shopping options for wholesalers and Retailers


local and regional small, medium and large scale businesses

Ensure a hassle-free

selling and shopping experience for both sellers and buyers.

No Listing Fees

Pay 11% Transaction Fee only when you sell!

Low Commission

Remain competitive in the market and still maximize profits.

Boost your sales

revenue by an online presence and build customer trust in your products.


less investment in man-power, reduction in dependency on maintaining a physical store.

Saves time

and track all your records at one place.

We are excited to introduce a special limited-time New-Seller Savings Offer!

Once approved to register your business with us, we will send you an email to onboard quickly and list your entire catalog to maximize your 30 DAYS of commission-free sales for ALL your products.

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