• Ducros Curry Powder (Pack of 3)

    Ducros Curry Powder is a unique Blend of Aromatic Herbs and Spices, packed in an airtight plastic mini pet jar for a long shelf life. Good for seasoning and spicing soups, stews, gravies, meats, poultry products, and whole lot of rice meals

  • Ducros Thyme (Pack of 3)

    Ducros Dried Thyme 10g Add flavor to sauces, vegetable, stir fry, soups, meat, fish Try in Salads, Pizza, BBQ Packed in France Ducros Thyme adds the ”oomph” factor to your chicken and beef stew for that super aroma that attracts every neighbor from the gate. Ducros Thyme is a unique blend of aromatic herbs, packed in an air-tight mini plastic jar that sustains the freshness of its flavor. It is the ideal seasoning for meat and poultry, perfect for a wide variety of vegetables like potatoes, green beans and corn soup. The spice is also ideal for homemade barbecue sauce and marinades. A little sprinkle enhances the taste of beef, fish, chicken or gizzard. It is the ideal seasoning, well-mixed to spice and garnish your chicken, soup and sauce. It also complements other dishes like gravy, vegetables and pasta. If you desire that distinctive aroma and flavor in your meals, Ducros Thyme with its aromatic qualities is the ideal choice. Some herbs are actually better dried than fresh. This gives them a huge advantage over other varieties since you can buy a lot during peak season and still use them for the rest of the year. Thyme is one of the herbs that are much better when dried; not only does its flavor get even more intense, it also takes up less counter space when dried. Because dried thyme has more flavor than fresh, you will need less of it for cooking. The rule of thumb when substituting dried thyme for fresh is to use only a third of the amount required by the recipe; Reduce the amount a bit more if you will be using ground thyme. You need to be a bit careful because substituting dried herbs for fresh is quite complicated. Some recipes might specify sprigs which can differ on the yield of leaves. Assuming that you have a 4” sprig (they are usually somewhat longer), estimate that 6 sprigs will produce 1 tablespoon of leaves. The ratio for dried thyme is 1:3, so substitute 1 teaspoon of dried or ¾ teaspoon of ground thyme for 6 fresh small sprigs. Ducros curry powder

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