• Enerem Yam Flour / Elubo Isu / Amala 3lb

    Enerem Yam flour is made from Yam, the common name for species in the genus Dioscorea, grown in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Oceania, and Latin America. The yam is dried and cut into small pieces and then grinded into a smooth brown flour. The Yam flour is used in preparing amala; a mash meal and eaten much like the mashed potato. Amala is mainly consumed by indigenous people of the Southwestern part of Nigeria. It could be served with a variety of soups, such as vegetable soup (Efọ), Okoro soup (Ila), Mango seed soup (Ogbono) or Black-eyed beans soup (Gbegiri).

    Yam flour (Elubo) is rich in carbohydrates owning to the fact that yam is an important source of carbohydrate for many people of the Sub Saharan region especially in the yam zone of west Africa.

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