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  • Tanfiri (Donkwa)

    Tanfiri or Donkwa (dodonkwa) is a savory Nigerian snack made with corn meal and groundnuts (peanuts). Donkwa (dodonkwa) is a savory Nigerian snack made with cornmeal and groundnuts(peanuts). It’s one of those snacks that does not require cooking and reminds me of my childhood.

    It is soft and melts in the mouth, and is often confused with Kulikuli.

    Donkwa is a popular Nigerian street snack made from roasted, dried, and milled maize and groundnuts. Though some may argue that the maize need not be roasted before drying, it is generally agreed that to get a really good outcome, the maize and groundnut must be milled into a fine powder before use. Sugar and chili powder is optionally added to spice the donkwa up. Depending on the locality, ground tiger nuts (ofio) or ginger may also be added.

    Tanfiri (Donkwa)


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