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  • Garri Ijebu(Cassava Flakes)

    Store: Dolamokllc

    Garri Ijebu (Cassava Flakes) is made from Cassava and eaten by most West Africans. It is produced by the Yoruba people of Ijebu tribe from Ogun state in Nigeria.  It is processed into flour by frying on low heat, the uniique sour taste of Garri  ijebu makes it different  from all the varieties of Garri produced by other West African countries. it can be enjoyed by soaking it in very chilled water with some peanuts and made into fufu form by adding hot water and can be eaten with any kind of soup. it is glutton free.

    Store: Dolamokllc

    Garri Ijebu(Cassava Flakes)


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